1/24 Aoshima Nissan KDR30 Skyline Super Silhouette Race Car 06102



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In 1982, after a 10 year absence, the Nissan Skyline returned to the racing circuit. This reintroduction has quite a passionate backstory. In the 10 years that Nissan stopped officially competing with the Hakosuka Skyline, Masahiro Hasemi had successfully raced privately as a Hasemi Motor Sports representative-cum-racer as a result of the strong demand from those at Prince Auto Sales who wish to see the Skyline compete. At 1,000 yen each, Nissan Prince Dealers Club (Nissan PDC) stickers were sold to Prince employees in order to fund the creation fo a Group 5 DR30 Skyline racing cat. This plan made it possible to sustain support from the Nissan Oppama Institute and made racing the Nissan Works' Super Silhouette Skyline a reality. Thus, the hopes and dreams of the Skyline lovers took form as this famous car, the Super Silhouette.


  • Clear parts
  • Rubber tires
  • Chrome-painted wheels
  • Decals

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