1/24 TAMIYA Honda/Acura Next Gen NSX Sports Car



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2015 was an auspicious year for NSX aficionados, as the legendary car's 25th anniversary was marked with the announcement of the new second-generation production NSX at the Detroit Auto Show. It went on sale to great acclaim in August of this year (2016). An exceptionally lightweight body utilizes aluminum, high-strength steel and carbon fiber components, while power is provided by a midship 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo engine in harmony with a 9-speed dual clutch transmission. The ground-breaking hybrid system orchestrates three electric motors for maximum control of all four wheels and outstanding cornering. With this much-anticipated super sports car starting to hit the streets, we have wasted no time in giving it the highly detailed Tamiya treatment and introducing it to the popular 1/24 scale Sports Car Series!

  • Length: 18.7cm, width: 9.2cm, height: 5.1cm.
  • The alluring, aerodynamically-honed form of the NSX is recreated with superb accuracy.
  • The stylish floating pillars are built up using multiple parts.
  • A combination of metal-plated and clear parts depict head- and taillights.
  • Realistic V6 twin turbo engine and suspension depictions are to be attached to the model frame.
  • Features authentic cockpit interior depiction.
  • Mirror surfaces and emblems are recreated using metal transfers.
  • Can be assembled as left- or right-hand drive.
  • Metallic stickers recreate front and rear Honda and Acura emblems.


Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/24 NSX

Tamiya Color Spray Color
(Item No.)
Tamiya Color
Spray Color
(Item No.)
TS-95 Pure Metallic Red 85095 TS-14 Black 85014

Tamiya Color Acrylic Color
(Item No.)
Enamel Color
(Item No.)
Tamiya Color Acrylic Color
(Item No.)
Enamel Color
(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501 80001 XF-2 Flat White 81702 80302
X-7 Red 81507 80007 XF-7 Flat Red 81707 80307
X-10 Gun Metal 81510 80010 XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511 80011 XF-24 Dark Grey 81724 80324
X-18 Semi Gloss Black 81518 80018 XF-53 Neutral Grey 81753 80353
X-27 Clear Red 81527 80027 XF-56 Metallic Grey 81756 80356
X-32 Titanium Silver 81532 80032 XF-63 German Grey 81763 80363
XF-1 Flat Black 81701 80301 --- --- ---

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