1/25 Lindberg 1964 Dodge A100 "Little Red Wagon" 72158

LIN 72158


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The "Little Red Wagon" was made famous by racer Bill Golden. His 1965 Dodge A100 could be had from the factory with a 2.8L Slant-Six making 101 horses, or later, a 4.5L V-8. However, the stock engine is nowhere to be found in the truck. To accommodate his 425hp fuel-injected Hemi, there was work to be done. The engine had to be mounted 20 inches farther to the rear of the truck than the original engine sat, making it so that the powerplant lived in the truck's cargo compartment.


  • Made in the USA
  • Accurate Chassis
  • Detailed Interior
  • Drag Slicks
  • Hemi Engine

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