1/48 Bronco MiG 15 (early) Fighter Jet Korean War

BOM 4014

Bronco Models

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The MiG-15, which appeared in front of the UN forces in 1950, brought air superiority in a balanced manner with performance that surpassed that of conventional straight-wing jets and reciprocating aircraft, and brought about a MiG shock.

Small and lightweight, with swept wings, the engine is equipped with the RD-45, which is a domestic production of British Nene, the aircraft has been simplified for mass production, and the armament is heavy for shooting down bombers with one 37 mm gun and two 23 mm machine guns.

The major weakness of this aircraft could also be shot down with a single blow.
――Since then, the name of Mig as the name of the Soviet fighter was feared by the West.

This kit is the only kit ever released of the first early Korean War version before the later bis model. 
-The decals are for five markings during the Korean War.
-Simple gun bay without bulge depicting early version
-Equipped with a transparent window on the underside of the rear part of the aircraft.
-Two types of drop tanks are included

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