1/48 Eduard Bf-109G-10 Mtt. Regensburg Weekend Edition



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1/48 Eduard Bf-109G-10 Mtt. Regensburg Weekend Edition includes just the plastic and two great marking options, great fitting parts mean that you really can knock this out in a weekend!

Weekend edition kit of German WWII fighter aircraft Bf 109G-10 in 1/48 scale.

The kit is focused on 109s produced by Messerschmitt in Regensburg.

  • plastic parts: Eduard
  • marking options: 2
  • decals: Eduard
  • PE parts: no
  • painting mask: no

The development of these late versions of the Bf 109G, including Bf 109G-6/AS, G-14/AS and Bf 109G-10s, manufactured in a series of related and therefore similar versions, was the German aviation industry’s response to a requirement to quickly supply Luftwaffe units with high performance fighters to combat the Allied bombing offensive of the spring of 1944. The appearance of the P-51B and D Mustang with the 8th and 15th American Air Forces showed that the need to offset the increasing obsolescence of German fighters was becoming critical. The anticipated replacement of the then standard Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/G-14 with the Bf 109K, powered by the DB 605D, was not yet possible in the spring of 1944 due to the protracted development of the airframe and engine alike. The design element of Messerschmitt in Regensburg found an interim solution by installing the DB 605AS into the Bf 109G-6 and G-14, and this modification made use of items that were already designed and were construction ready, intended to be used in the engine installation in the Bf 109K.

Simply put, the DB 605AS (and DB 605D) were created by installing the larger supercharger from the DB 603 in the DB 605A. The performance of these superchargers was around 25% greater than the ones installed in the DB 605A. The first developmental version of the DB 605 outfitted with the larger supercharger was the DB 605AS, originally designated as the DB 605A (Sonder). The DB 605AS powered the BF 109G-6/AS and the Bf 109G-14/AS, and a lesser number of Bf 109G-10s.

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