1/32 Kitty Hawk F-5E "TIGER II" AIRCRAFT


Kitty Hawk

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In light of the news that came out yesterday, and then final confirmation that it is real, Kitty Hawk is ceasing to do business. They still have some kits available in warehouses, but not much, the inevitable spike in prices will come. However, as a lot of us would still like a chance to get a few of their kits before they are gone. I am running a sale on them, allowing you to prepay and order one.

To be clear, this is a preorder, I do not have these in stock and I will need to order them from my distributor, so expect it to take 3-5 business days until I can ship to you. As soon as they arrive, i will turn around and ship out to you.

I will be doing orders in stages, first ordering period will be by 8:00 pm CST 6/4/21, second will be by 8:00 pm 6/6/21, and last will be by 8:00 pm 6/8/21. If additional slots are needed, I will create them. I will update the list with "sold outs" as we go, keep in mind that all of these items are low, the largest quantity is 30 kits nationwide, they will most likely sell out quickly. You will need to pre-order through my website by the time listed above. Please note that there is a possibility that an item may sell sell out, and your money will be refunded immediately. 

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