1/48 Great Wall Hobby F-15B/D, US & IDF


Great Wall Hobby

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Great Wall Hobby has introduced the finest example of a twin seat Eagle in any scale, with detail that blows away the competition, even in 1/32 scale. Every part has incredible detail, with separate parts to depict both B and D twin-seaters. GWH thoughtfully placed seams so the modeler has a minimum amount of sanding. One piece missiles save hours of assembly time and sanding.

Features and options in this kit:

Injection-molded gray

22 sprues

237 pieces

7 photoetched metal


Nicely detailed cockpits
Choice of F-15B or F-15D front instrument panel
Choice of F-15B or F-15D control sticks
Choice of ACES or Escapac ejection seats
Photo-etched HUD frame
Positionable canopy
Positionable radome
APG-63 radar under radome
Positionable nose avionics bay doors
Detailed avionics bays in nose (port and starboard bays)
Choice of shut-down or running position intake ramps
Choice of open or closed dorsal boundary layer exit doors
Full-depth intake ducts
Choice of F100-PW-100 or F100-PW-220 compressor faces
Nicely detailed featherless afterburner nozzles
Positionable dorsal speed brake
Choice of vertical stab top fairings
Positionable rudders
Positionable stabilators
Positionable ailerons
Positionable flaps
Positionable landing gear
Choice of F-15B or F-15D-type wheel hubs

External stores:
3 x 600 gallon external tanks
4 x AIM-7 Sparrow
4 x Python 3
4 x Python 4

Markings for four examples:
F-15B, 73-0113, Knights of the Twin Tail Squadron, IAF, 2006
F-15B, 76-1524, Knights of the Twin Tail Squadron, IAF, 1982
F-15D, 83-0046, 67 FS/18 W, USAF, Kadena AB, 2009
F-15D, 79-0011, 173 FW/OR ANG (USAF)

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