1/72 GWH Su-35S "Flanker-E"


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-Great Wall Hobby 1/48 Scale Su-35S Flanker E, now on sale with a variety of delicate molds and integral parts, is now available on 1/72 scale!

-The Su-35S Flanker E is a long-distance multi-purpose fighter (multi-roll fighter) mass-produced for the Russian Air Force, which was developed from the Su-35, which was developed as a modern improvement of the Su-27 from the late 1980s. is.

-Appearance features such as the abolition of the canard wing and the downsizing of the vertical tail, which were the characteristics of the Su-35, due to changes in the center of gravity due to the weight reduction of the equipment and improved flight control technology

-Leading edge slats and flaps can be manufactured in a lowered state

-R-27ET, ER missiles 2 each, R-77, R-73 missiles 4 each, wing tip L265M10 electronic pod, each pylon etc.

-Decal marking: Russian Air Force affiliation machine 3 types

(2 normal blue camouflage, 1 Eggplant color)

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