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Hasegawa continues their new Super Hornet line with the release of the single-seat E version. And what a job they have done with this kit! We begin with a stunningly well-detailed cockpit, including a crew figure with optional heads so you can build it with either the current helmet configuration or with the new JHMCS helmet with its built-in sighting visor. Squadron decals for the pilot's helmet are included. Intakes build up with full trunking ending in realistically reproduced compressor faces, and the exhausts are likewise beautifully done. Gear bays are deep and well detailed, and the multi-piece gear assemblies have data stencil decals provided on the decal sheet. Leading- and trailing-edge flaps are separate pieces, with optional TE flap hinges for full-up or full-down positions. Also, hinge pieces are provided so that with a few swipes of the modeling knife you can have the wings folded (diagrams show you exactly where to cut). Stores included are an AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR pod, four drop tanks, two AMRAAM and two AIM-9X. The canopy can be positioned open or closed, as can the boarding ladder. Decals are provided for two CAG birds, NF 200 of VFA-27 Royal Maces aboard the Kitty Hawk and NK 200 of VFA-115 Eagles aboard the Abraham Lincoln.

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