Testors ELO (Easy-Lift-Off) Paint & Decal Remover

Testors ELO (Easy-Lift-Off) Paint & Decal Remover

TST F542143


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Testors Easy Lift-off Remover, 8 oz (TESF542143)

Polly's Easy-Lift-Off paint and decal remover is designed to be used on most plastics and metals. It removes unwanted decals, unwanted coatings, and works on MOST types of paint. 


 Made to be used safely on MOST plastics and metals


Paint and decal remover is made to work slowly

HOW TO REMOVE DECALS: Apply directly to decal and lift off with brush, wash area with mild soapy water and let dry thoroughly. Allow to dry and re-decal as desired


HOW TO REMOVE COATINGS: Apply ELO generously to unwanted coatings, let soak-in until coatings start to crinkle. As coating's adhesion to surface is broken, scrub with a brush. Wash in warm soapy water and let dry thoroughly-apply plastic prep, air dry and recoat as desired


Weight: 8 Fluid Ounces (1/2 Pint, 236mL)

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