Quinta Studios 3D Printed Details

A note on shipping Quinta Studios Products, these are very light weight and can be shipped in a padded envelope with no chance of damage, which makes shipping them very economical.

Currently, due to the holiday season, I am temporarily removing the untracked USPS shipping option, as these packages have a significantly higher incidence of getting lost in the mail (this option will return Jan 7, 2022). All Quinta items will be shipped with tracking and insurance until then.

USA Rates:

USPS Economy, w/Tracking (2-14 days) $0.00–$50.00 $2.00
    USPS Economy, w/Tracking (2-14 days)     $50.00 and up  $0.00 
USPS Priority Mail (2-5 days)                  any quantity 
UPS Ground (2-5 days)                            any quantity 


Canadian Rates:

 Economy International $0.00–$99.99   6 to 10 business days  $13.50 
   Economy International $100.00–$174.99 6 to 10 business days      $8.50    
Economy International $0.00–$99.99 6 to 10 business days $13.50