1/48 Academy A-10C 75th FS "Flying Tigers" (New Tool) 12348

1/48 Academy A-10C 75th FS "Flying Tigers" (New Tool) 12348

ACD 12348


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12348 1:48 A-10C 75th FS "Flying Tigers"


A-10C is the U.S. Airforce’s deadly, low-altitude, close-air support attack aircraft. The A-10C or “Warthog” is highly maneuverable at low speeds and has short take-off and landing capability. Many of the A-10C’s parts are interchangeable left and right including the engines, main landing gear and vertical stabilizers making it serviceable from bases with limited facilities near battle areas. The model canopy can be assembled open or closed and ailerons can be positioned up or down. It includes eight weapon pylons on the wings, three on the fuselage and an array of armaments. It also features precisely reproduced Aces II ejection seats and three U.S. Air Force decal markings.

Armaments include:
2 x Aim 9M
2 x AGM-65
2 x GBU-54/(V)B Laser JDAM
2x GBU-12
2 x LAU68 Rocket Launcher
1 x AN/AAQ-28 Litening Targeting Pod
1x AN/ALQ-184(V)1 ECM Pod

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