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Following the successful release of their 1/48 Lancaster, Hong Kong Models have now scaled down their 1/32 B-25J to the more practical 1/48 scale. This is a brand new tooling and has no ancestry to either the Monogram or Accurate Miniatures B-25 kits in 1/48. It's a good bet that HKM plan to follow up with the other B-25 variants in 1/48 as the box top points us towards their "Mitchell Series".

Like the earlier Lancaster release, this new B-25J (Glass Nose) comes in a deceptively small box with all the sprues neatly packaged separately with the critical clear sprue receiving its own cardboard backing. The 20 page assembly guide is printed in color on large format glossy paper and as a bonus HKM have included a nice colour poster. Also in the box is a small photo-etch sheet (seat belts etc) and because the B-25 has a tricycle undercarriage, HKM has generously included a pre-shaped metal nose weight (to help avoid tail sitting syndrome). HKM has chosen to release the B-25J Glass Nose variant as their first Mitchell in 1/48 scale.

The final production version of the Mitchell was the B-25J, and it was ordered in larger numbers than any other variant. A total of 4,318 were delivered, and most of these had the framed glass bombardier's nose that had been standard on all versions prior to the B-25G. An additional seventy-two aircraft were completed as the war came to the end, but they were not delivered contractually. Later, some of these were modified for other missions and served in the post-war years.

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