1/72 ICM "The Ghost of Kyiv" Ukraine MiG-29 w/ICM Paint Set 72140 & 3027

ICM 72140 3027


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Ghost of Kyiv Special Edition Kit & Paint Set by ICM
Limited Availability
1:72nd scale
Model #72140-3027
  • 82 parts
  • 1 Bottles Of Paint & 1 Bottle of Satin Clear Varnish

A special "Ghost" digital decal is included
Special New Item. The main goal of this project is to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the war that engulfed Ukraine country 2 months ago. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this set, ICM will transfer as a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The model includes an existing model of the MiG-29 aircraft and two new decals -
a decal with technical inscriptions and a gray “pixel” camo of Ukrainian Air Force.
The kit is updated with two large decal sheets. One with a decal with technical stencils, with another of the "pixel" camo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The subject - the "Ghost of Kyiv" & his MiG-29
ICM is bringing us a kit portraying one of the myths of the war over Ukraine. The "Ghost of Kyiv" was a story from the start of the Russian Invasion in March, with the tale of a brave Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot who shot down gained worldwide fame after shooting down 5 or 10 (depending on your source) Russian aircraft on the first day of the invasion. “People call him the Ghost of Kyiv. And rightly so,” the Ukrainian government had said at the time.
Reports have come in today that the "Ghost", after shooting down as many as 40 Russian aircraft, was identified as Major Stepan Tarabalka, a 29-year-old father of one. A UK newspaper also said that the Tarabalka, whilst flying a MiG-29, was shot down on March 13 while battling an “overwhelming” number of enemy forces. His final tally of enemy aircraft is rumoured to be around 40 enemy aircraft & helicopters.
Although the facts about the pilot & his exploits are under scrutiny and we will never be sure of many of them, we are sure that the legend has inspired many Ukrainians and citizens of the world alike.
Paint Set Include six 12ml bottles of paint which include:

NEW Acrylic Paint Set perfectly fits to ICM special release –
kit 72140 The Ghost of Kyiv!

Off White №1028
Sky Grey №1033
Dark Sea Grey №1034
Dark Grey №1037
German Grey №1038
Varnish Satin №2002

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