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Green Stuff Worlds Alcohol-based metallic paint achieves an effect that imitates the metallic reflection of a chrome surface similar to a mirror. This paint is tougher than normal "mirror" type paints and can be lightly buffed after curing. Allow paints to cure for a few days before handling.



Designed to be used with an airbrush, always apply on glossy surfaces, preferably black or very dark. A matte base will not allow mirror-like reflections, and light colors will reduce the desired effect.

The mirror effect could be reduced or even lost if inks or varnishes are added on top.

After applying and once completely dry, in case the surface does not completely mirror, rub with something soft (brush, sponge, ear swab, cloth ...) to polish and highlight the mirror effect.



Although it is designed to be used with a brush, it also allows its application with an airbrush, it can be applied on any surface regardless of color, and should always be cleaned with alcohol.

The drying time that can vary depending on the environmental conditions and the thickness of the applied layer, but generally can range between 5 and 30 minutes, so it is recommended to protect the surface during its drying.

The mirror effect could be reduced or even lost if inks or varnishes are added on top.

This paint, when fresh, has the ability to dissolve the same paint already dried underneath, so it is recommended to apply it in a single pass, and on not too-large surfaces.

Note: Brush paints CAN be applied by airbrush, however, it will need to be a heavy single coat, any drying, thin coats, or multiple coats will reduce the chrome's luster. Lower pressure and larger needle size helps give you a better finish.

Contains 17ml


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