Hataka Red Line Acrylic Paint (Airbrush Dedicated)



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About Hataka Hobby Red Line:

The widest range of water-based acrylics optimised for airbrush on the market – offering more than 330 true colours. All paints are highly pigmented and permanent, specially formulated for use in airbrush.

Water-based acrylic paints, produced in accordance with all appropriate EU safety standards, do not include any harmful substances – safe in use and environmentally friendly.

Packed in 17ml bottles with dropper tip for easy application and containing a metal ball inside for easier mixing.

  • Before using the paint mix it well by shaking the bottle (rattling of metal ball should be audible)
  • Dilute the paint in a dedicated pot (outside of airbrush) in appx. 30/70 to 50/50 thinner to paint proportion with dedicated Hataka Hobby Acrylic Thinner (HTK-XP01)
  • If planning to paint for a longer period (fine lines, several layers) adding a drop or two of a flow improver for water based acrylics is recommended
  • Pour the paint into the airbrush and paint with your favourite technique at recommended air pressures of 15-20 psi
  • Each modeller has its own painting style and technique, thus experimenting to find optimal dilution ratio and air pressure is always recommended
  • As with any other purely water based acrylic products – the best adhesion to the plastic model is achieved on primed surfaces
  • The paint dries quickly to satin surface. Once fully dry (which can take up to 24h) the surface is waterproof and permanent
  • All colours can be mixed with one another

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