Mikey Blast from the Past - "Make sure Mikey is who he says he is when he’s traveling through time at just the right speed."


Mike Mattheiss Art

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Mikey’s gonna tour the whole outer rim of the Continental U.S.

Express your disdain for the mundane with new nostalgia vinyl stickers! All created from the artist who brought you the 2019 IPMS National Convention artwork. If you’re defending the harbor, storming the beaches, or cruisin’ the strip, you’ll need the right imagery to get you on your feet. Put ‘em on your shop fridge, your laptop/tablet, your water bottle, your cooler, your mini-van back window (oops?). Put them anywhere you want, so long as your spouse is ok with it (or not ok?). Now get out there and show ‘em what your made of!

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